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Are social media ‘Likes’ bad for society?

by RankViral Editorial Team

There is no doubt that social media runs the world! It takes a click away and boom, the information is spread all over the globe. What makes it so easy for people to follow up on a video, a statement, and a picture to the extent that it’s the talk of the world? It could be the effect that a story will have on people or how shocked someone can get. I appreciate a funny and creative story or statement that will capture the attention of people, this makes them stay glued to their phones and computers in an attempt to understand something. They will repost on social media platforms, which has made the world a small village.

What Trend Has Made Headlines In The Year 2020?

Do you ever wake up only to find that your feed is filled with trending news? We can all attest to the day Instagram decided to hide the likes. Most celebrities like Nicki Minaj vowed never to post after the decision was implemented. However, the question remains, what impact will this bring to the picture-lovers? Will this be their best app? What impact will this pose on the marketability of Instagram? There is a possibility that Instagram owners are serious about implementing this rule. It will be the most massive change to ever happen in the social media sector. The majority of people are in denial, and others feel the need to quit posting.

How Will the Discarding Of Likes Affect the Marketability of Instagram?

There is no doubt that Instagram has become famous in affiliate marketing, like the impact it brings in the marketability of brands. The majority of countries have had the likes discarded by Instagram through Adam Mosseri, who affirmed that the US would follow suit. This made most celebs go absurd. Contrastingly to the people who believe, the founders of this app have declared that Instagram will only be used for fun. People will have the ability to express themselves in a way to interact without seeing the likes. But come to think of it, likes bring about discrimination where people are afraid of using social media due to getting fewer likes.


Why Would Instagram Choose This Idea Over The Interest Of Most Influencers?

It’s no question that Instagram is sensitive to people’s needs. However, they have to go against most social media influencers like celebs. This will put their merits and marketability at a threat to focus on the larger world for the people’s interests. The following can be the reasons why Instagram opted to make this vital move:
To focus on what matters.

The majority of businesses should be focused on the comments and feedback as opposed to likes. This will be a better way to let people’s views be heard and not judged by just a mere like. Instagram will hide the likes so that the young generation will not feel the pressure to post naked or overly the top pictures. This is not a bad thing because it’s a form of expression, but posting pictures for likes has posed a lot of pressure to the youths.
To Enhance Mental Health

Mental health awareness has become the norm, and there is no doubt that Instagram and Facebook followed suit. People can feel discouraged after logging into an app that makes them feel awful. Having fewer likes than anticipated will pose stress because of the pressure to win through likes. The majority of the brands can be focused on content instead of the initial reactions of people pressing the like button. Removing likes will pose a great advantage because the fans are likely to continue using the app.

Who is likely to see Instagram likes?

Even though people feel the need to compete through Instagram likes, this will take the back-burner. Only individuals will get a chance of seeing their likes when they log into the app. This has to be an exception, or else it will make the usage of Instagram boring. This experience will be great when the whole world will be left guessing on the number of likes. People should be sensitized on individuals that will post their likes because it can happen due to deception. https://trend.io/blog/instagram-removing-likes

The Bottom Line

Likes are metrics used for marketing; the comments will help create awareness of brands. It is time quality took the leading position over quantity. This will let the youth become more conversational instead of basing their relationships on the number of likes. The idea will trigger people and celebrities to post sensible pictures without the fans comparing the likes. Everybody should concur with what Instagram says because the removal of likes might make social media platforms a better place!


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